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Women of Worth

Jul 25, 2019

Hey friend <3 If you haven't seen the news already, I AM PREGNANT!!! How stinking crazy! Even though that's not what today's episode is about, I wanted to share it here cause I am so flipping excited. I hope you all enjoy todays episode on revealing and healing.


Jul 18, 2019

I noticed while editing that there is an annoying buzzing while I'm talking, SORRY! But I hope this message encouraged you today. If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of you listening to it and tag me on your story! To apply for my Mentorship and experience food freedom, click the link below.


Jul 11, 2019

In this episode of the WOW podcast, we talk all about prayer! This is a subject that I see come up so often when I ask people about what they need help with most when it comes to their faith. I hope this episode gives you encouragement, and inspiration to strengthen your prayer life. 


Jul 4, 2019

Hey Hey! I hope you enjoy this episode on approval addiction and find it helpful for fully pursuing God's heart. My favorite quote from the episode: "When we go from conforming to what they want to see, to conforming to who God calls us to be, instead of wanting to please them, we in turn crave to lead them to...